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Cupping is a method of the traditional Chinese medicine. This method was already used in the ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. Cupping is an old therapy which was exercised in the West the same way it was exercised in the folk medicine of the Chinese people. Cow horns were used for cupping in China already in the second century.

Cupping is considered as analgetic and supports the blood circulation. It belongs to the common forms of purging therapies. The cupping therapy activates the immune system and removes hardening from the skin and from the under skin tissue. There are several methods to produce a vacuum in the cupping glass. This vacuum makes the little skin vessels swell and causes an inflammation of the skin and finally an haematoma.

Cupping - a traditional therapy!

A vacuum is produced in the cupping glasses. These cupping glasses are placed directly against the skin to get a revulsion or the purging of contaminant via the skin. A vacuum is usually produced by heating the air in the cupping glass and by placing it immediately against the back skin of the patient. You can whether heat the glass with a small alcohol-soaked cotton pad which is ignited or you can hold the cupping glass inverted shortly over flame. Alternatively the vacuum can be produced by an exhausting appliance in the cupping glass.
The dry cupping – cupping glasses are placed on intact skin areas.

Dry cupping has healing effects on:

Blood purgation, improvement of the blood circulation, regulation of the autonomous nervous system, local removal of pain and the relaxation of the musculature.

Can assist with:

kidney and gallstone, lumbago, stasis in legs, asthmatic disorders, stomach ulcer, aching muscles, circulatory disorder, headache, migraine, rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, cough, hardening, muscle cramps, joint troubles, not acute haematoma, tendon sheath etc.


Detailed information about the cupping method

The dry cupping

Mode of action:


  • The suck procedure makes the red cells leave the vessels and go into the tissue. This leads to a laboured blood circulation on the skin, under the skin and on the connective tissue
  • Increased temperature in the treated area and in the target area over several days, augmentation of metabolism and a better oxygen supply
  • Activation of the immune system and of the process of absorption in the skin which is necessary for the ablation of scoriae out of the connective tissue
  • Vegetative stimulation, local and in the depth
  • Tonus -raising activity, which gives “energy”
  • The blood cupping is also possible with this set. Please understand that we cannot give information about this therapy. Please consult a doctor or the literature.


!! With practical elongation tube – for not easily reachable parts of the body !!

Included in delivery:

The set contains a professional metal case for a perfect protection !!


24 glasses:

  • 4 x diameter ca. 6 cm   
  • 14 x diameter ca. 5 cm     
  • 3 x diameter ca. 3,5 cm     
  • 3 x diameter ca. 2,5 cm

Also contained:

  • 1x hand pump
  • 1x elongation tube
  • 1x top part substitution
  • 1x substitution seal for hand pump
  • 2x substitution seal for the glasses
  • 20x magnets (red and blue)
  • 2 x elastic strap protection
  • 1 x small massage plate
  • 1 x metal case


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