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Massage-couch "Practica"

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Product no.: Practica
Massage-couch "Practica"

Suitable for the mobile use as well as the stationary one, this massage-couch is especially recommended to each therapist! The client can relax optimally resting professionally during an Ayurveda- or Reiki-massage, Lyrnphdrainage, or Physiotherapy.

Extreme soft and hard-wearing imitation leather!!

Accessories including

facial plug, lateral, Arm-rests, stable front Arm-rests


 1: Carry bag ( stable and compact )  2: Many Colors
 3: vertical Arm-rest ( adjustable on both sides )  4: Double bracing for extra Security
 5: Reiki function( comfortable )  6: Head support multi posture adjustable Heights adjustable, adjustable positively / negatively
 7: very handy  8: Solide manufacturing
 9: Back-part individually ajustable 9 different steps for still more treatment possibilities  10: Removable nose slit for the work without the head restraint

 Technical Data:


Weight approx. 16 kg
Length approx. 193 cm (with Headrest approx. 227 cm)
Width approx. 70 cm (with lateral arm rests approx. 98 cm)
Height from approx. 66 cm
  to approx. 85 cm more height adjustably
Loading capacity approx. 230 kgs dynamically, 800 kgs statically
Upholstery approx. 5 cm foam-upholsteries
You will get a 2 years warranty on this article
CE - konform!


Beige, Yellow, Blue, Burgundy, Black


Please note: At the current offer is the Hole in the face adjustable backrest!

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday 28 June, 2009.

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